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Essential TA: A Common Sense Psychology


Ever asked a question and found yourself being treated like a child? Do you have conversations with people that leave you hurt and mulling over them for days? Do you find yourself justifying your actions to yourself very often? Do you kick yourself for something you think you shouldn’t have done or said? How is it that those we love the most somehow manage to bring out the worst in us?

Essential TA: A Common Sense Psychology answers these questions and more. Delve into the analysis of all that connects us even when we’re baffled by how disconnected our lives and the world seems. Nothing in this world is pattern free. It feels good to be recognized, needed, and if possible even celebrated, since we’re the central hero in the story of our lives. However, why are some stories bleak and others exciting? How do we escape savagely tiresome ruts when we’re upstaged by relationships at home and work? Will we ever be understood?

A handy guide to the compelling world of Transactional Analysis specifically written for those curious about what makes us tick and what makes a story stick!


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