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Helping & Human Relations Training

Helping and Human Relations Training
(A 20-session, part-time, Certificate Course for those in people-oriented professions such as Management Trainees, HR Personnel, Leaders & Trainers in Corporate world, Medical, Paramedical & Psychology students, Counsellors and Social workers)

Overview : We, at the Institute of Human Technology believe that it is essential for management students and corporates to be socially conscious and sensitive, as it is only then that they will be able to run companies with sensitivity and a social consciousness.

In order to have a rewarding and successful career in the challenging and fast-changing times that lie ahead, it is extremely important to have a high SQ (Sensitivity Quotient). This requires you to not only be prompt and pleasant in your service to customers, but also pleasant to your colleagues, team-mates, superiors and subordinates. Sensitivity and caring is a lubricant for a productive relationship, and today with equally good and competitive products and services, it is your ‘People skills’ and ‘Soft skills’ that will help you achieve results.

You may hold every qualification the corporate world demands, but it is of no consequence if you do not have the temperament to match. Today it is not just a degree or a high IQ that matters, but sensitivity towards others that takes you up the corporate ladder. Constructive and cordial business communication carries equal weightage as accounts. You can be taught the world’s best theories and how to be good at your job. But until you communicate your ideas effectively and constructively, your ideas will die a premature death.

Today you cannot only work on considerations of ‘who needs whom’ or ‘demand and supply’. You have to be a ‘caring’ and ‘helpful’ person with the ability to maintain good human relations, more so if your vocation is people-oriented, or if you want to reach a leadership position. Therefore, your expertise in sensitively conducting interpersonal relations, motivating, team building, and leading from the front, translates into success in any career.

In view of this fast growing demand of the corporate world, the Institute of Human Technology is offering a professional, part-time certificate course – “Helping and Human Relations Training”. This is a practical training program based on the Robert Carkhuff Model.

The Robert Carkhuff Model is an offshoot of Carl Roger’s Client-Centered Therapy.

Duration : This is a part-time course consisting of 20 sessions during weekdays spread over 5 weeks.

Timings : 11 a.m. to 1 pm, 2.45 to 4.45 pm and 5.45 to 7.45 pm (three separate batches)

Venue :
Institute Of Human Technology,
10 Jerbai Baug, Near Gloria Church, Ambedkar Road,
Byculla (East), Mumbai : 400027.

Fees : Rs. 22000/-

Participants : This training program is ideal for Management Trainees, HR Personnel, Leaders & Trainers in Corporate world, Medical, Paramedical & Psychology students, Counsellors, Social Workers and all those in people-oriented vocations.

Number of Participants : A maximum of 16 participants.

Objectives : Training in the Robert Carkhuff Model, empowers you with soft skills, the art of active listening, sensitivity towards others, the ability to help others and sustain healthy human relations. It trains you in having the right corporate temperament – a person with warmth and sensitivity with skills of helping and relationship management.

The Human Lab, which is a unique feature of this training, helps you not only grow in empathy towards others, but also grow in self-knowledge, to value and appreciate your core competencies, to identify your unique selling proposition (USP), to commit to build on your strengths and to actualize yourself and optimize your potential. The course also focuses on body language, general awareness and learning to work in a group.

In career development it is crucial for one to be aware of one’s own specific weakness, and to try to circumvent it, by following a correction path (surmount those limitations that can be surmounted and accept and weave your life around those that cannot be surmounted) as far as possible.

The Robert Carkhuff Model helps you have a true profile of yourself and develop a correction path for yourself. The training helps you become aware of patterns in your behavior, whether, faulty, hurtful, or dysfunctional; and the process of self-exploration leading to self-understanding leading to action, empowers you to take corrective measures.

The emphasis throughout the course is on training yourself to:

  • Study the methodology of verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Change certain attitudes, which impede the building of human relations and helping skills.
  • Acquire the tools that facilitate the ‘learning process’ that lead to growth in maturity, and actualization of human potential.
  • Learn the art of listening
  • Get in touch with ‘self’ in order to have better understanding of the ‘other’.

Syllabus : The Robert Carkhuff model, is an offshoot of Carl Roger’s Client-Centred Therapy. This includes ~

  • Five stages of the model; the goals to be achieved at each stage; and the means to be used to attain the goals.
  • Practical training for the acquisition of Attending skills, Responding skills, Personalizing skills, Initiating skills and Evaluating skills.
  • Training in empathy, genuineness, respect, concreteness, self-disclosure, confrontation and immediacy.

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