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Couple Counselling Workshop

Secrets of a Healthy Marriage
(A unique and contemporary couple therapy workshop)
A two-day weekend workshop

Dr.Rajan Bhonsle,M.D.
Dr.Minnu Bhonsle, Ph.D.

Is your relationship with your partner less than ideal? Do you find differences of opinion escalating into conflicts? Would you like to delve into a deeper understanding of the art of intimacy? Do you feel that your relationship can be further enriched, by understanding some time-tested & well-researched secrets?

Maintaining a happy marriage may be the number one problem in the world today. It is easy to fall in love. But it is a lot harder to stay in love. Has anyone taught you how to have an emotionally and physically fulfilling and meaningful relationship? Probably ‘no one’! Well, finally, here is the missing information you need to create the happy marriage you deserve!

A happy marriage remains not only what most of us want, but what is actually best for us. Research shows us a lot of positive data associated with happy marriages. Happily married people have longer lives, fewer illnesses, higher self-concepts, less stress, more economic stability, and happier children.

The best marriage for you is probably the one you are in right now! But, like your body, your marriage won’t stay healthy if you neglect it. Drawing on years of research and counselling experience, we at the Heart To Heart Counselling Centre offer a ‘fitness program’ to rejuvenate your marriage and to maintain it as the strong, loving relationship we all want ours to be.
This program is a unique opportunity for couples, to not only rescue a failing relationship, but also to stabilize a troubled one, and to further strengthen a stable relationship.

A weekend workshop – Secrets of a Healthy Marriage – has been organised for those couples, who wish to actively work towards a healthy, meaningful and mutually fulfilling relationship.

The workshop consists of an insightful program in which couples are taken through a step-by-step reconnection process in which the art and science of healthy relationships is revealed. The workshop adopts a sensitive yet dynamic approach to relationship problems – teaching attitudes and skills that will help you transform your marriage into a healthy & vibrant partnership and KEEP IT THAT WAY.