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Anger Management Workshop

For those who have Anger issues & for those who want to help people with Anger issues

(A 6-hour workshop from 2 pm to 8 pm)

Do you feel ‘enraged’ at the ‘stupidity’ of others ?
Do you ‘snap’ at people often or disproportionately ?
Do you ‘lose it’ if things are not happening the way you think they ‘should’ ?
Have you ever ‘said nasty things’ to loved ones that you wish you could take back ?
Do you feel like you live in a selfish world where it’s your job to ‘teach’ people a lesson ?
Do you feel like ‘smashing’ someone for being slow, sloppy, uncivilised or inconsiderate ?
Do you sometimes think how great it would be if everyone just did the ‘right thing’ & stopped being such a pain in the @$$ ?

If any of the above thoughts apply to you, you’ve probably been angry at least once in your life.

Congratulations! You are just like everyone else. 
Pissed off. Enraged. Outraged. Fast & Furious. Livid. Full of Wrath. Call it what you want. 


We’ve all been hit by observations about people, our situation, the world and even ourselves, that’s made us wonder ‘how did it all get so messed up?’ Unfair, brutal & sometimes downright humiliating, our lives are filled with events that threaten to upset the delicate balance that we’ve sought to achieve. We live in one of the most densely populated & socio-economically divided countries in the world where there are as many manifestations of anger as there are free opinions about cricket, politics, gender issues, ‘who said what’ & everything else under the sun.  

Heart to Heart YouthWorks presents a bespoke 1-day (6 hour) interactive workshop on ‘Anger Management’ at the Heart to Heart Counselling Centre, Mumbai. Our mission is simple. Redirect your focus to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve – minus the drama! The age-old questions – Why do we get angry & what do we do about it? – now answered in one turbo-charged day filled with awareness & groundbreaking power tools – to hack into the various symptoms, manifestations and management techniques of anger, as you are taught to investigate why you get so riled up, and how to make radical shifts to stay sane in an insane world.

Benefits from the workshop

  • Learn where all that anger really comes from 
  • Learn the difference between controlling & managing your anger
  • Learn a mindstyle makeover that brings objectivity and keeps things in perspective 
  • Learn proven response techniques to stand up for yourself without throwing a tantrum
  • Learn potent relaxation techniques to handle those ‘heat of the moment’ situations
  • Learn effective communication & conflict management tools that meet a variety of situational needs

This workshop is not only for those with anger issues, but also extremely useful for all those who are in the helping profession (e.g. counselors, psychologists, social workers, teachers, etc.), and therefore need to equip themselves with various tools to help others.

About the facilitator

Dr. Aman Bhonsle, Ph.D. is a highly trained and internationally certified Psychosocial Analyst, Relationship Counsellor and Youth Mentor who also conducts our flagship – Applied Transactional Analysis (TA) Certificate Course.

Fees : Rs. 4250/-

Venue: Heart To Heart Counselling Centre