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HTH Counsellors’ Study Circle (CSC)

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Heart to Heart Foundation proudly announces its brand new initiative in Counselling Education – the HTH Counsellors’ Study Circle (CSC) – meant to promote best practices in counselling, and to be a gatekeeper for the Counselling profession. The aim of CSC is the continuous professional development of counsellors in order to enhance their efficacy. 

The HTH Counsellors’ Study Circle (CSC) which is spearheaded by Dr. Minnu, will give members the unique opportunity for ongoing one-on-one supervision, group supervision and discussions for breakthroughs in their challenging cases, along with case studies that will be taken up for creative brainstorming.

Dr. Minnu, a highly experienced international Trainer and Supervisor for counsellors, and the ONLY one in India who is certified to supervise in several counselling modalities (Non-directive approach ~ Robert Carkhuff Model, Active-directive approach ~ REBT, Analytical approach ~ Applied Transactional Analysis, Experiential approach ~ Gestalt Therapy) for nearly 3 decades, makes her a truly rare resource like none other in the field of Counselling Education and Training.

CSC will regularly meet up for supervision sessions, where Dr. Minnu will switch roles between being a teacher, consultant, support, evaluator and meta-supervisor during group supervision.

Also present in the meetings will be Dr. Rajan and Dr. Aman, who will actively contribute with continuing education bites, along with interesting case studies from their own areas of expertise.

In addition, the CSC members will be able to fraternise with colleagues who are at different developmental stages in the profession, which will create a stimulating learning environment and sense of community, with each one contributing to the ongoing professional growth of each other.

Membership of the HTH Counsellors’ Study Circle is open ONLY to those who have been awarded the HTH Diploma in Integrative Counselling.

Schedule : 4 meetings in a year on Saturday evenings from 4.30 – 7.00 pm (date of meeting will be announced in CSC Whatsapp group at least 1 month before next meeting) 

Fees : 1 year membership – Rs. 6000