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Premarital Counselling Workshop

Counselling young adults for healthy relationships
A two-day weekend workshop

Dr.Rajan Bhonsle,M.D.
Dr.Minnu Bhonsle, Ph.D.

Like Western countries, the divorce rate in our country is steadily on the rise. On going into details, invariably the cause is found to be either a physical incompatibility or emotional incongruity between the partners. Our personal observation has been, that in 90% cases the trauma of divorce could have easily been avoided, if only the young adults had undergone pre-marital orientation/counselling before getting into matrimony.

Statistics show that the rate of psychological disturbances due to ‘maladjustment’ in couples leading to Suicide, Homicide, Marital breakdown, Alcoholism, Drug abuse etc. are increasing at an alarming rate. Cases of depression, stress, nervous anxiety and psychosomatic disorders are on the rise particularly in married couples.

It is easy to fall in love. But it is a lot harder to stay in love. Does anyone systematically teach us how to have an emotionally and physically fulfilling and meaningful relationship? Probably ‘no one’. Well, finally, here is the missing information you need to create the happy marriage you deserve!

The “Heart to Heart Counselling Centre”, India’s first full-fledged Pre-marriage Counselling Centre (established in 1997), has been doing the pioneering work of helping young adults develop healthy attitudes and skills, to interact with their prospective partners, respectfully and in appropriate ways; so that they can develop and maintain meaningful and fulfilling relationships.

Being aware of crucial issues, which could become contaminants in marital life, learning the art of healthy communication, which can facilitate problem-solving in relationships, are some of the aspects, which will be covered in this one-day interactive workshop.
We need to prepare the young generation to enter into matrimony with more awareness, clarity & understanding, and to help them develop more mutually caring, respectful and lasting relationships.

This Pre-Marital Counselling workshop for young adults will also enlighten the participants on all the aspects of a healthy sexual relationship.

Unlike more developed countries, sex education is still not advocated in schools or colleges in our country. Therefore, it is extremely important that those entering into matrimony be adequately informed about human sexuality, so that the correct scientific knowledge may lead to building healthy attitudes towards sex, high standards of conduct, responsible behavior, and wholesome personalities.
On receiving a healthy & complete understanding of all the aspects of the male-female relationship, the youngsters will definitely be able to tie the nuptial knot with more confidence and start their new relationship on a more sound footing.